• Configurations
  • SMTP Settings

SMTP Settings

Go to https://yourdomain.com/admin/developer-settings/mail-settings
Or click to Developer Settings > SMTP Settings option from admin sidebar

Fill up all input field with your correct information.

Mail Driver Types

Set one from the dropdown based on SMTP gateway type

  1. MAIL MAILER (use for webmail)
  2. MAIL Driver (use for gmail)

Mail Drivers

Set one from the dropdown as your smtp mailer or you can say smtp driver

  1. smtp
  2. sendmail

Mail Host

Enter your smtp gateway host.

Mail Port

Enter your smtp gateway PORT number.

Mail Username

Enter your smtp gateway username or webmail address.

Mail Password

Enter your smtp gateway password or webmail address.

Mail Encryption

Select your smtp gateway Mail Encryption type (ssl or TLS) from dropdown.

Mail From Address

Enter Your website email address like (noreply@email.com) it will show when someone received any transactional mail from your site.

Mail From Name

Enter your website name only

Incoming Mail

Enter your email address when someone contact you the mail will sent this mail