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Bitakon - AI Prompt Buy Selling Marketplace.

Welcome to the Bitakon AI Prompt Selling Marketplace, your premier destination for unlocking the limitless potential of artificial intelligence! Our platform is a dynamic marketplace where creative minds, developers, and AI enthusiasts converge to buy and sell AI prompts, taking innovation to new heights. Bitakon script has 11+ automatic payment gateways and unlimited offline payment gateways and it has built with the latest in web development technologies, including Laravel, Inertia.js, Vue.js. It has included 2 click web installer to install the script from User Interface mode.

How It Works:

  • Browse & Explore: Dive into our marketplace and explore a vast selection of AI prompts. Use our search filters to find prompts that align with your needs.
  • Purchase & Download: Select the AI prompts that capture your interest, make a secure purchase, and download them instantly.
  • Create & Collaborate: Unleash the power of AI in your projects, whether it's content generation, data analysis, or problem-solving. Collaborate with fellow AI enthusiasts to take your ideas to the next level.
  • Sell Your Prompts: If you're an AI expert or creator, you can join our community of sellers and share your AI prompts with the world. Monetize your expertise and contribute to the AI revolution.

Script Demo

Home : https://bitakon.nexilate.xyz/

Admin Panel Credentials

Admin Login Url: https://bitakon.nexilate.xyz/login

Email: admin@admin.com
Password: password

User Panel Credentials

User Login Url: https://bitakon.nexilate.xyz/login

Email: user@user.com
Password: password

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